SIX monarchies, two world wars and a lot of happy memories - all in the life of a 108-year-old Fylde woman.

Louisa Aspland, of East Beach, Lytham, celebrated the mammoth birthday in style on Tuesday (March 5) as she supped sherry with Fylde Mayor George Caldwell and Mayoress Margaret Rhodes surrounded by flowers.

Louisa, born in 1888 and still quite sprightly, lists some of her most memorable times as Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897, her school days and the Boer War.

Louisa has lived and worked in many places, including at a grocer's store and at Bournemouth Pavilion when she was in her 70s.

Her secret to a long and happy life is working hard and having a little brandy in her tea every morning at 6am sharp.

She has lived with niece Ethel Fieldhouse in St Annes since 1987 and Ethel said: "Louisa can't see or hear very well but she is in very good condition for her age.

"She is very interested in sport and still loves to play dominoes.

"She has never drunk a lot or smoked and has worked hard all her life."

Louisa said: "I have had a very nice birthday and I was delighted when the Mayor came to see me.

"I was also very pleased to receive a telegram from the Queen.

"I was sent lots of lovely flowers and would like to thank everyone for them."

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