A PLAN to create a public right of way across the sands of Morecambe Bay is inviting trouble, according to the Queen's Official Guide to the route, Cedric Robinson. A public inquiry into the Lancashire County Council proposal was held at Morecambe Town Hall on Tuesday and a decision is expected to be reached within two weeks. But Mr Robinson, who has been guiding walkers across the bay for 33 years, claims that tourists unfamiliar with the shifting route could venture into deadly quicksand.

He said: "It's inviting trouble - I think this is a foolhardy idea. It's impossible to draw the path on the map because it would be obsolete from day one.

"Everything changes out there according to the wind and the tide. Where I cross one day could be impossible the next."

He fears if the council designate the path a public right of way many people will risk the crossing alone.

He said: "Over the years I have seen so many near tragedies and been called out to so many people getting stuck in the sands with vehicles.

"This plan can only encourage people to go out on their own and I'm certain more people will get stuck."

Lancashire County Council claims it is legally obliged to reclassify routes with the status of roads used as public paths. This includes the route across Morecambe Bay.

It could be reclassified as a byway open to all traffic or a bridleway or footpath. Evidence has shown the bay used to be crossed by horses and carts and a public stagecoach service, so they are set to define it as a byway.

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