SEVENTIES' scene wear is back in fashion with bargain seekers rifling the wardrobes at Leigh's Help the Aged shop.

Highlighting the age of flares, platform shoes, flower power and cheesecloth go on special offer on Monday at 79 Bradshawgate.

Help the Aged's Maureen Leech explained:"We have a range of colourful and unusual clothing particularly with 1970s flare.

"We have a selection of flower-power fashions, cheesecloth skirts and dresses, bright floral prints, pointed collars, shawls, bags, shoes and even records.

"Everything on offer should appeal to those with a creative dress sense - students and young people will be amazed."

Stock of 70s gear is limited but donations are welcome, and can be collected. The usual range of goods continues on offer. For details contact Maureen on 01942 605892.

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