LEIGH pastor David Benson is stepping into the TV spotlight over the next few weeks.

For Pastor Benson, of Kings Park Christian Centre, has been invited to air his views on a new satellite and cable TV network, the Christian Channel, which was launched last October.

He will contribute a 'Thought for the Day' once a week for the next six weeks. Another feature is that it is filmed in the preacher's own place of worship, which makes it more natural.

John Hammond, Head of Ministerial Relations for the TV network, said: " 'Thought for the Day' is an opportunity for preachers and churches of all denominations to reach far beyond their local congregations.

"For us, it's an important curtain raiser at the start of every morning and a short two or three minute message which viewers are able to focus on, whether they intend to stay with the channel overb the next few hours or 'drop in' for a few minutes.

"We also believe that these easily accessible messages will stimulate thought among people who are currently non-believers."

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