A PRESTON charity which helps families who have been homeless back on their feet could be forced to close because their funds have run dry.

Gift - Guild Initiative for Furniture Trust - only has enough money to stay open another two months.

And trustee Peter Taylor says if the charity doesn't get an urgent cash boost they will have no alternative but to shut down - and he fears ex-homeless families could end up back on the streets.

Last year Gift helped 1,000 families set up home by providing them with basics such as beds, blankets, cookers and pans.

But Mr Taylor said the charity has been struggling to survive for months. He said: "We don't receive a penny in Government grants and have to rely on donations from church groups and the public.

"If we were forced to close there probably wouldn't be a great outcry because the people helped by Gift are not, in the eyes of the public, the most deserving, nor are they the most vocal."

But he added: "We believe we are one of the most cost effective organisations in the area. After collecting repairing and delivering furniture to its new owners it works out less than £20 per family helped."

If anyone has furniture they no longer need they can contact Gift warehouse on 01772 716572. Cash donations can be made to chairman of Gift Peter Metcalf on 01772 821021.

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