FOLLOWING the revival of The Beatles last year their fans rushed out to snap-up CDs, tapes and records, and they were looking also to buy extremely rare and sought after memorabilia.

Today they need only look to Henry Donn Galleries in Whitefield, Bury, where there are limited edition copies on offer of a portrait of Lennon by local artist, the late Arthur Delaney.

The work was originally commissioned by the former Beatles manager Brian Epstein, and after Epstein's death it was sold to a businessman in Liverpool.

After Arthur Delaney's death nine years ago, the copyright to all his works were passed on to the surviving Delaney family.

The Liverpool owner of the Lennon portrait contacted Henry to ask permission to have the painting reproduced.

Henry approached Arthur's son Nicholas, suggesting the idea of producing 999 limited edition prints.

Henry Donn, said: "Although the prints are being sold by us for a very reasonable £99, given another couple of years they will become quite an investment."

Christie's in London have valued the original painting of John Lennon by Delaney at £10,000. The prints of the portrait are expected to be worth in the region of £450 to £500 in the next two to three years.

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