MEALS on Wheels users in Ramsbottom, Bury, are now guaranteed a more reliable service than ever because their suppliers, the WRVS, have taken receipt of a new delivery van from Bury Metro's Social Services.

The Women's Royal Voluntary Service distribute around 55,000 meals a year around the Borough.

And this new vehicle should ensure that the three day a week service gets the meals to its elderly recipients on time. In the past the organisation has had to rely on voluntary donations and fund-raising to cover its vehicle needs - but not any more.

Thanks to this arrangement with the Local Authority the service is guaranteed and nobody need worry about it breaking down.

WRVS Metro Organiser Lesley Pownall said: "Because of the terrain in Ramsbottom we do need a reliable vehicle.

"Already this new van has been put to the test and I am sure those who receive Meals on Wheels in Ramsbottom have more than welcomed its arrival."

Said social services committee chairman John Costello: "Things may be tough financially for the local authority but we are committed to supporting community schemes of this nature.

"Meals on Wheels is a valuable lifeline for many elderly people and we are only too pleased that our support ensures reliability and gets the job done.

"With the millions of pounds spent by the Council each year to provide a range of services this is only a very small amount, but we feel it is money well spend."

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