RESIDENTS campaigning to put the brakes on plans for a rail freight terminal in Lowland claim local councillors are ignoring them and have gone to their MP for support.

The Wheelton Lane action group have asked South Ribble MP Robert Atkins to join their campaign to stop what they consider an eyesore being built on their doorsteps.

Mr Atkins visited the residents last Saturday to find out their grievances.

Christine Harrison, of the Wheelton Lane action group said they've had no feedback from the planners of the terminal - Lancashire Enterprises - in spite of constant phone calls.

She said: "We're just being given the run around by Lancashire Enterprises and we've been flooding councillors with letters and only get postcard replies."

The group has boosted their campaign by mounting signs in their gardens on Wheelton Road.

Robert Atkins agreed the problem was being badly handled by Lancashire Enterprises and the county council.

He added: "I've got a responsibility to my constituents and I want to make sure the residents' concerns are answered."

A spokesperson for Lancashire Enterprises denied ignoring the residents. She said: "We have made every effort to lay the concerns of the Wheelton Lane residents. It is unfair to say they have been snubbed. We have tried to inform them of all our development plans."

And Councillor Tim Farron said the business park will bring a lot of jobs to the area but they also needed to listen to the residents especially over plans to close Centurion Way.

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