RESIDENTS living in Longsands say they are prisoners in their own homes because it's a no-go area for buses at nights and weekends.

They've bombarded councillors with complaints about Preston Bus saying they won't provide a service after 8.30pm or on Sundays.

Sherwood councillor Marie Milne said she hears more complaints about the lack of buses than any other problem.

She said: "I have had people knocking on my door and telephoning me - all with the same complaint. Some say they feel like prisoners in their own homes.

"I think Preston Bus presume families living in Longsands have two cars and shouldn't need a bus service. That's not true."

She added: "I have promised residents that I will fight this one all the way. A bus service - especially on Sundays - is absolutely vital."

But Barry Baker, assistant traffic manager for Preston Bus, defended the company's current policy but said they were reviewing the situation.

He said: "Preston Bus is a private company and not many people know this. We have to look at the Longsands bus service on a commercial basis - whether we are going to get enough people using it at nights and on Sundays.

"However, we have had a number of complaints about this service and as a result we are taking another look into it."

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