THE HOLIDAY Moss landfill site in Rainford is back on course for its target closure date of October 1997 following a High Court ruling.

Mr Justice Carnwath quashed a council order made by West Lancashire District Council which restricted the use of vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over through Crawford Village.

Commenting on the court decision to end vehicle weight restrictions, UK Waste's site manager Chris Turner said: "UK Waste welcomes the court decision lifting the weight restriction on vehicles using routes to its Holiday Moss landfill site.

"This ruling means the company can get back on schedule to close Holiday Moss by October 1997. To meet this deadline we need to fill the site and bring in the clay and other materials required for capping and restoration work.

"We have always listened to the concerns of local residents and councillors and made efforts to resolve this issue. We will continue to allocate vehicle routes to and from the site as fairly as possible to balance the interests of local residents with the need to close the site on time next year.

"We will now talk to the local authorities about the way forward which means UK Waste will not be increasing vehicle movements immediately."

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