LITTLE life-saver Ashley Hudson, seven, kept his cool amid scenes of family panic when his three-year-old brother, Shane, started to choke on a lollipop.

The St John Ambulance badger calmly put his first-aid training to good use as his other brothers and sisters frantically ran for help.

Ashley's bravery was rewarded this week with a surprise presentation of a commendation certificate from the St John commissioner in chief. He's the first badger in Lancashire to receive the award.

His dad, Andrew, said: "Shane began choking on a lolly which had come off its stick.

"All his other brothers and sisters panicked, but by the time I got there, Ashley had calmly sat beside Shane, leaned him forward and slapped his back, successfully dislodging the lolly.

"It was a remarkably brave thing for a seven-year-old to do, and it shows that he has listened to what he has been taught."

St John Padiham officer Norman Mitchell said: "We are very proud of Ashley for his action and for following training given at our meetings."

The certificate was presented by Carole Phillips, the commissioner for Lancashire, badger leader Cath Miller and Pat Fawcett, county staff officer.

Mrs Phillips said she hoped Ashley's brave actions would help others both to learn first aid and put their skills into practice if and when the time came.

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