WATER from village taps has left people feeling itchy and needing medical help.

And now people living in Trawden are demanding to know what has happened to their crystal-clear spring water which has been used in the village for generations.

Pensioners living in Boulsworth Drive decided it was time for action when they discovered that many of their neighbours had become unwell.

They came to the conclusion that all is not well with the water after comparing notes about their health and revealing that some people are left with an irritating itch after having a bath or a shower.

Mrs Isabel Sill, who is 85, said: "I've lived in Winewall and Trawden nearly all my life and we always got our water from the moor. It was just like champagne, and we never had any trouble.

"It don't think it should be like this; making people ill and leaving you itching. It needs sorting out."

Her neighbour Mrs Millicent Wilkinson, aged 70, added: "The water is not cloudy or dirty, but we are wondering if there is something in it.

"The water used to be lovely and always came from under the moor, but I don't know where it comes from now. Whatever is coming through the tap is not the same and it is making people ill."

Residents contacted Councillor Tim Ormrod to complain that the water was not up to scratch.

He said: "Some people have had to buy water filters because of the trouble they have been having and I have written to North West Water asking them to do some tests in the area."

A North West Water spokesman said the company was not aware of the problems being reported by householders in Trawden.

He added: "Now that we know we can go there and do some tests. It is the case that Trawden usually gets its water from under Boulsworth Moor. It could well be that we have had to redirect water from the Nelson area because of the dry weather."

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