A FORMER gas fitter died from an asbestos-related tumour, even though medics never told him he had cancer, an inquest heard.

Terence Morgan, 62, died two days after being admitted to hospital, in pain and unable to eat. His widow Patricia said: "Nobody told us he had cancer. I didn't know he was dying from it."

Mrs Morgan, who was married for 12 years, added even hospital staff didn't think Mr Morgan was near to death, though they knew he was a "poorly man."

East Lancs Coroner David Smith recorded a verdict that Mr Morgan died from malignant mesothelioma, due to exposure to asbestos.

Mr Morgan worked as a fitter at Cloughfold Gas Works from 1958-1964, where he came into contact with asbestos. Mr SMith said: "Unfortunately, people weren't aware of its devastating results.

"It has taken such a long time to see what happens. That's the frightening thing."

Mrs Morgan, of Carleton Street, Nelson, said her husband last worked at Fort Vale Engineering works, Nelson.

He had started to be ill about 15 months ago and lost weight. He had a bad cough which wouldn't clear and she suggested he see the doctor.

Mr Morgan was sent to a "Well Man" clinic but at her urging he again visited his GP.

Mrs Morgan added: "I think the doctor thought my husband was a bit of a malingerer but then said he had him mixed up with someone else."

She told the hearing that after being diagnosed as having fluid on the lung, her husband was sent to a specialist.

He had his lung drained, a scan, but no treatment whatsoever.

She went on: "We didn't even know he had a tumour until his works asked for a medical report from his doctor.

"He was absolutely devastated. That was the first we knew about it."

Pathologist Dr Abdul Al-Dawoud said Mr Morgan had a chest tumour which had pushed down and enlarged his liver.

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