FOOTBALL fanatic Robert Wilkinson was today spending his 15th birthday on an operating table at Burnley General Hospital.

Surgeons were inserting pins and a metal plate in his right leg, badly broken in two places in an accident with a car.

The injury is so bad that it has put Robert's future footballing career in doubt.

He is a talented midfield player with Brunlea Juniors (Under 15s) in the Burnley and District Youth League and with Gawthorpe High School. Robert, of Albion Street, Burnley, was involved in an accident with a Vauxhall Cavalier in St Matthew's Street, near to his home.

His mum, Antonia, said: "His right leg was badly broken in two places and he is having to spend his 15th birthday not only in hospital, but on the operating table.

"He is a football fanatic and obviously we are all worried about whether he will be able to carry on playing.''

Robert is a keen Liverpool supporter. Mrs Wilkinson said: "Robert is a very popular boy and had about 20 visitors at the hospital yesterday.

"Today there will be lots of cards and presents for him.''

He has a sister, Donna, who will be 16 on Monday.

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