THE pound in your pocket that late Prime Minister Harold Wilson used to talk about is now on the mantelpiece at the home of Rossendale Labour councillor Paulinus Barnes.

Coun Barnes, a delegate to the Labour Party conference in Blackpool, was the winner of a raffle for a £1 cheque which the former PM donated to the Cancer Research Campaign when he was leader of the opposition in 1973.

No-one can remember why, but the cheque was never cashed and only came to light during a clear-out of old papers and files.

Delegates at the conference raised £400 for the charity in a raffle for the cheque.

Coun Barnes, of Schofield Road, Rawtenstall, said: "I am delighted to have won it. I was the last person into the reception where the draw was being held and I was asked to buy a ticket. "I bought a ticket without knowing what it was for. It was the last one in to the draw and the first one out.

"Harold Wilson was always talking about the pound in your pocket and now it is on my mantelpiece.''

The reception was sponsored by Asda and Coun Barnes received the cheque from chief executive Archie Norman, prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate for Tunbridge Wells.

The Rossendale and Darwen Labour Party raised £180 at the conference through a game of New Blair, New Labour, New Bingo in which players had to cross off key phrases on a card.

Coun Barnes added: "I intend keeping hold of the cheque for a while but eventually I may raffle it off for the party or local charity.''

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