BIRTHDAY celebrations went with a bang on the Fylde this week - but then the party trio have had more than 300 chances to practise.

Louisa Aspland, Catherine McMahon and Harry Buckley, all from Lytham, have clocked a magnificent 313 years between them and have all received a visit from Fylde mayor Alfred Jealous in honour of the occasion.

Louisa, the eldest of the trio, reached the grand old age of 109 on Wednesday (March 5). She has lived with niece Ethel Fieldhouse in St. Annes since 1987.

Ethel said: "Louisa can't see or hear very well, but she is fit for her age."

Some of Louisa's most memorable times were Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897 and the Boer War.

Her secret for a long and happy life is working hard and having a little brandy in her tea every morning. On Monday (March 3), Catherine McMahon, of Birkby Lodge, Lytham, was 105 and enjoyed an all-day party which featured a visit from her family, a big star balloon and a cake with 105 candles.

Margaret Jagger, proprietor of Birkby Lodge, said: "Catherine is one of our most popular residents. We gave her six new dresses for her birthday, one of which she wore for the party."

Catherine originates from Leyland where she worked in the mills and after arriving in Blackpool ran guest houses on Central Drive.

Last but certainly not least is Harry Buckley, a sprightly spring chick of 100 on Friday (Feb 28). Harry has lived for the past 20 years in Lytham, but spent most of his life in Oldham where he was manager for a wine and spirit merchant.

Four-times-married Harry, father of a 70-year-old daughter, has many memories, particularly of the First World War but does not like the way society has progressed.

He said: "There seem to be so many murders about now. The world has changed, but not for the better."

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