THERE will be no Liberal Democrat candidate in the Ellel by-election on July 24 because of a mistake in the nomination papers.

The Liberal Democrat candidate, John Gilbert, left his nomination to the last minute and was unable to correct an inaccurate signature.

Cllr Pat Quinton said she was devastated by the discovery. "This election was called very quickly after the vacancy was announced and some of us had worked extremely hard in the time available to find a candidate and obtain the necessary signatures," she said.

"I know it has happened to other parties in the past but it doesn't make it any easier to accept. We know we have a lot of support in Ellel and we realise that we have let down a lot of people who would have wanted to vote for our candidate."

The by-election is being held after Cllr Diane Huddlestone was relieved of the seat for not attending council meetings for six months.

The candidates are: Nina Beach, Independent, Eileen Broomfield, Conservative, William Glaister, Labour.

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