I WAS surprised by your statement that "a ban on fox-hunting is certainly in tune with public opinion." (LET Opinion, July 30).

This is simply not true. The public at large have never expressed an opinion on fox-hunting.

In fact, I would venture to say that the vast majority of the public, urban and rural, couldn't care one way or the other about fox-hunting.

As usual, the entire situation has been blown-up out of all proportion by the shrike-like minority groups, the usual mis-directed do-gooders and also certain politicians who will either climb on to any band-wagon or try to put down anything they consider 'Establishment.'

Hunts are very infrequent and foxes, which are vermin, if caught, have a much quicker demise than the chickens, etc. which they wantonly kill.

Hunting is a tradition not only in the UK: but this aside, it does provide a livelihood for many rural people.

R BRACEWELL, Ormerod Street, Worsthorne.

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