REGARDING traffic-calming: Sadly, Adrian Shurmer's driver education (Letters, Nov 5) will not solve the problem, even if it could be introduced and practised.

There will always be accidents as long as human beings have freedom to determine events. The only solution is to mitigate the result of a 'shunt' by speed reduction. That can only be done by having unadjustable governed engines with downhill automatic braking outside the driver's control.

I suggest 40mph for over seven tonnes and 55mph for under seven tonnes kerb weight (emergency vehicles excepted).

On top of that, a reduction of all 30mph limits to 25mph so that the going rate will be 30mph (35mph would mean loss of licence for one month) plus traffic-calming measures in urban and residential areas where appropriate.

Fines for speeding or driving in a 'manner likely' should be abolished and licence withdrawal substituted with a one month minimum. Driving during a period of the ban would collect an automatic life ban.

In order to help drivers avoid law-breaking, how about a sealed alarm unit which activates at 40/55mph and at 25mph when beam-breaking at the start of 'limit' areas and a cancelling beam as you exit.

Yes, I know it all sounds so 'restrictive,' but let's be honest, if we really want to improve matters, we can't leave it to human nature.

D PRATT, Plantation Street, Accrington.

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