PUPILS at Bowland High School in Clitheroe were praised by their head teacher for a "remarkable set of exam results."

As well as their academic success, they also excelled in other areas of life, Steve Colling told the school's speech night.

"This has been an exceptional year for Bowland and I am proud of the way in which pupils have achieved so highly in different areas and subjects.

"This year, 58 per cent of them gained five or more GCSEs, an increase of 14 per cent on the year before. But they also excelled in other areas of school life.

"They reflected a concern for those less fortunate, a compassion for the needy and a caring approach to others, as demonstrated by their zealous campaigning for Barnardo's, long-standing community placements and distribution of gifts to the elderly and housebound," he said.

The head also praised the support of parents, which was "strong and ensured that what was carried out in school was followed up at home," as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, who "committed themselves to drawing out the best in young people."

Among other things, the school had seen the introduction of a Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, industry days, activity weeks and work placements.

"All of this adds up to the immeasurable quality within Bowland High School that, if you could bottle it, would make a fortune!" he said.

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