A HEADTEACHER has stressed the importance of the role parents play in their children's educational success.

Mr Frank Havard told the annual presentation evening at Hollins County High School, Accrington: "The role of parents in their child's education is a critical factor in achieving success.

"The Hollins is fortunate to have so many parents who actively support the school and all it tries to achieve."

Mr Havard also looked to the future and the role technology will play in educating the school's 700 pupils.

Parents, teachers and governors heard that the school went "on-line" in September and staff were now being trained in the ins and outs of the Internet.

Mr Havard said: "Soon, all students will have the opportunity to hold national certificates of competence in information technology.

"The enthusiasm from the staff in attending training in information technology is extremely gratifying and over 50% of the teaching staff will hold accreditations in IT before the end of the year."

It was also announced that a classroom building programme was set to start in 12 months to deal with over-subscription.

Mr Harvard said academic success was important and schools recognised the need to reach higher attainment targets.

However, he added: "But the young people are human beings, not nuts and bolts. They are more complex than any other 'commodity'.

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