I do not work for the health service but feel I must write regarding the move of 'Nu Start' Services (Citizen, April 16) as I am concerned that some people have been misled.

Firstly, I believe managers of Nu Start were already looking for larger premises. Secondly, a complaint from the owner of a business next door to Nu Start accelerated the move, despite protestations that they wanted it to stay.

Thirdly, art students did not interact with Nu Start clients because the main entrance to Harpers Mill was often locked by one of the tenants at the mill.

There is a certain amount of politics to the whole situation and I have asked MP Hilton Dawson to investigate.

The management of the Health Services Trust have a difficult job in trying to uphold the dignity and basic human rights of all their clients. Their efforts to provide a therapeutic service to clients has been thwarted by the negative attitude of certain tenants at Harpers Mill.

Concerned onlooker,

Slaidburn Drive,


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