THE euphoria displayed by Messrs Wilson and Henig over their 'windfall' of £850,000 from County Hall for the Millennium Bridge project, may be short-lived. I would remind everyone that lottery monies should be matched by private funding and not public funds. If there is that kind of 'slush money' around perhaps it could be better used on a 'real road.'

The dual carriageway from Heysham Docks that ends at Morecambe Road desperately needs to be extended north of the motorway. If this doesn't happen soon, Skerton Bridge, built in 1788, for carts and horses, will undoubtedly suffer badly under the weight of heavy lorries travelling to the M6.

Such a catastrophe will be yet another humiliation for the administration of Lancaster, already embarrassed by the collapse of the Victorian sewers. We all know the chaos this has caused - gridlock city! Or will the administration once again fudge responsibility as it has with the Blobby affair? When will we, the people of Lancaster, bring to account those who are responsible for those blunders?

Geoff Woodhead,

St George's Quay,


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