I hope "Turning The Garden Rosy" (page 11) turns out better than when the city council commercial services do better then when they tried to make me a lawn across the front of my bungalow - for three years I had no lawn. Neighbours called it the saga of Rene's lawn! I think there were 14 men came in total, maybe more, over that period. In the end they gave me the money back but. One man since took one and a half days to lay a new lawn on his own! I can't tell you all the details in a short letter but think it should be told. I had to pay for the grass to be taken away as they wouldn't. It wants looking into because of the time and money wasted. I did ring another paper in the area about it but have heard nothing back. No compensation or apology came, just a cheque for what I had paid. They initially claimed I hadn't paid anything until I sent them a number of receipts. No recompense for telephone calls etc.

All I know is that it nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown. The last man who came to see me comented: "Why don't you have a new lawn?"

I told him it was, and he couldn't believe it!

Mrs Lawcett

Merefall Rd.


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