REVELLERS in Lancaster were able to breathe a little easier at the weekend as thugs were banished from the city centre. Pub landlords, police and the city council have set up a two way radio link so at the first sign of trouble any given landlord can contact his or her counterparts and the police. A similar scheme is also being planned in Morecambe. And Lancaster city centre policeman DC Dave Vickers said other pubs on the city's outskirts are also welcome to join the current system in Lancaster.

He continued: "We've had an overwhelming response in relation to this. The landlords have to buy the equipment out of their own pockets so it's been really pleasing. The whole idea is to create a safe environment for people going out and the landlords with their staff. The shops have a similar scheme and with the Door Staff Registration scheme there's a really good atmosphere of co-operation. I want to stress that we haven't done this because Lancaster is any worse than anywhere else, we just want to make it even better."

And landlord of the King Edward pub on Penny Street Chris Green, 28 was enthusiastic. He said: "Hopefully this will solve some of the problems in the city."

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