HOME care workers won't be getting a July pay cut.

Union leaders see the Council's decision to lift a domestic work deadline as a breakthrough in contract negotiations.

Faced with a £400,000 budget overspend the authority's social services committee wanted to introduce a reduced hourly rate for domestic work on July 1.

It would have meant a £1 an hour cutback, bracketing cleaning duties with the authority's normal domestic rate of £4 per hour.

But GMB negotiators, whose members make up half the 500-plus Home Care workers, have earned the carers a contract change reprieve.

GMB regional organiser Vic Dalton told The Journal:"Councillors have agreed to postpone the implementation and our shop stewards will be holding discussions with members of the social services committee.

"I don't see any changes taking place this year. We're hoping to resolve the matter so that people don't lose money and, at the same time, we're looking at ways of rehashing and improving the service.

"It is good news for all trade union members that the implementation date has been postponed. Any changes should be mutually agreed.

"We'll be discussing with social services ways of cutting costs without affecting contracts."

Wigan Council have confirmed the postponement.

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