Cllr Barker (Citizen, April 16) says that my protest "Tagues in Town Hall Protest" did not occur, but my stated aim was to be present for that meeting. Whatever his comments, I remained present for a meeting that was scheduled to exclude both the press and public. At the meeting, the representative of the council's legal services did not present the full facts to the councillors present. He stated that we had not presented much of the evidence until the actual lands tribunal. I would point out under Lands Tribunal rules all evidence must be exchanged two weeks prior to the hearing and we complied with this. In fact the vast majority of evidence was in council hands several months and some several years before. On the morning of the the first day of the Lands Tribunal hearing our barrister asked for an half-hour adjournment to try to settle the case or at least agree some basic points... out of court. The council chose not to agree one single point, despite being in possession of all the evidence including the statements of witnesses. I now feel I have a fair idea of how the Blobbygate fiasco happened. If the meeting I attended had been in secret, as was originally intended, then I would have never have spotted the discrepancies in the officer's report to councillors. My solicitor has detailed records of all negotiations and I'm sure he would be willing to give them the full facts.

Chris Tague,

Windermere Ct,


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