KITCHEN specialist Chris Wright made sure he didn't get curried away when he was asked to cook up a creative first.

Chris, boss of Stuart Frazer's kitchen designers, was lost for words when he received a take-away request from an Indian business tycoon, in Dehli, to build a huge kitchen for her 15-room home.

Eastern entrepreneur Rita Singh, who runs an industrial group and export company with an annual turnover of £360 million, even sent flight tickets to encourage Chris to take up the challenge.

And in a couple of weeks, Rita will be trying out her new state-of-the-art kitchen, the most unusual Chris has ever designed.

Chris said: "This has to be one of our most far afield installation. We do work throughout the UK, but Delhi is a first for Stuart Frazer and we are very flattered that Rita approached us."

Wealthy home owners in India often have two kitchens - one for preparing food - and the other for entertaining family and friends.

Chris added: "Each kitchen we produce is literally a one-off. They always reflect the tastes and style of the customer, even if that means travelling thousands of miles to do it."

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