WHERE have all the Teletubbies gone? Well nowhere, to be precise. In fact, the new talking Teletubby is sticking to toy shop shelves.

The stuffed dolls, talking versions of the Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po toys at the centre of Christmas present-buying mayhem, are not selling quite as quickly as shops in Preston had expected.

In fact, according to a spokeswoman for Strand Cards, in Fishergate, they are selling very, very slowly. She said: "We have a lot in stock but they aren't selling as fast as the others.

"We thought they would sell but £30 is a lot to splash on a toy which perhaps isn't a present for a special occasion."

And at Toys R Us, based in the Deepdale Retail Park, where parents queued overnight for the original dolls, it has taken a week to shift the first batch.

A spokesman at the store's head office said: "They are going, but not at the same levels as before Christmas. They are more expensive so perhaps that is why.

"Having said that, all crazes come to an end."

WH Smith on Fishergate also has ample supply of the furry four.

At Christmas, a black market of the original dolls started with entrepreneurs charging up to £50 for a doll.

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