HE'S the all-American hero - a former New York firefighter with a healthy interest in keeping the people of Preston fighting fit.

After six years tackling flames in Seattle, Washington, the self-styled super-doc Joe Cerosimo has come to central Lancashire - and he claims to be Preston's most eligible bachelor.

Now known as Doctor Joe, Preston's only chiropractor, he looks back to his days as a downtown firefighter as an 'incredible' experience.

He said: "Those days were an absolute buzz. Working in a busy place like Seattle was unbelievable."

He even became the typical Hollywood hero when he delivered a baby while driving down a busy highway.

Joe added: "I witnessed the bad side of human nature. I had to learn to not take some memories home with me."

Joe's firefighting career ended when he hurt his back.

"I decided to go to Atlanta and study chiropractic injuries," he said.

After graduating he now finds himself on Stanley Avenue, in Penwortham, with his own practice and a list of satisfied patients.

He said: "I am really enjoying it in Preston. Everyone is being really friendly and good to me."

Anyone interested in receiving treatment from Joseph can call him on 465394.

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