BEER fans from across the country will be out in force in June for what is fast becoming a must for ale fans - the Accrington Beer Festival.

Due to be held between June 24 to 27, the festival, a joint venture between Hyndburn Council and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), will feature scores of ales from across the land ... and beyond.

Among the numerous ales are several from London, which will either put paid to the rumour that Northern beer is best or prove the theory absolutely correct, as Barry Tyson, of CAMRA, explained.

He said: "There will be various samples of beers from across the country, but it tends to be those lesser known ones from the South and London which tend to catch the eye and interest people the most.

"The actual event runs for four days and people travel quite a long way to take part. We have visitors from Scotland, Norfolk and all over the North West travelling here.

"It is a festival of beer, but it isn't about getting drunk. It is about savouring traditional beer and the different flavours which occur when it is brewed in the various different, and no doubt, unique ways."

Roger Jepson, leisure assistant with Hyndburn Council, said: "It is a great festival which raises the profile of the area.

"This year's event is on a similar scale to last year but there will also be added extra evening entertainment and events so it suits all tastes.

"It has a growing reputation so should be very popular."

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