A MOTHER has been reunited with her runaway daughter after she appealed for her to come home through the Lancashire Evening Telegraph.

Tracey McKenna phoned home after seeing her own photograph in the newspaper.

Relieved mum Rose Cornthwaite said: "She is home safe and well and all I have to say to the Telegraph is thank you so much."

The teenager, who had been missing from her home in Slaidburn Drive, Accrington, for three weeks, picked up a phone after reading how worried her mother was.

Tracey, who had been staying with friends in Blackburn, said: "A friend told me my picture was in the paper.

"When I saw the headline "Plea to missing daughter" I could hardly believe it.

"I did not think anybody would go to those lengths. I had people pointing at me in the street.

"I'm all right now and me and mum have come to an agreement on things."

The Telegraph was asked to help by police who were also concerned about Tracey's welfare.

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