A HOSPITAL'S research programme has been boosted by a government windfall of more than £200,000.

Calderstones NHS Trust, Whalley, has been awarded the cash to develop its study projects.

The £210,000 will be spread over three years and is a major coup for the research and development department at the hospital.

Calderstones is among a handful of NHS trusts to receive the money from almost 250 applications to the Department of Health.

John Lobley, head of research and development, said: "We are a small trust providing a very specialist service, so we did well to receive funding, especially as it was our first attempt.

"We submitted a bid which outlined areas where research and development will be developed, including forensic services, clinical intervention, physical intervention and outcome measures.

"Our bid was clearly relevant and consistent with the Department of Health's desire to develop research and development capacity in new areas."

He said another research area would be anger management in difficult situations.

"A lot of clinical work has been done by nurses and psychologists in this interesting area and it would be a good topic to focus our research on," said Mr Lobley.

Calderstones provides a specialist service for people with learning disabilities who may need care and treatment under conditions of medium security.

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