POLICE are warning motorists to take their foot off the accelerator on motorways across East Lancashire after revealing that hundreds of people have been caught speeding by the latest high-tech equipment.

Traffic police have been using laser cameras on all the county's motorways - including the recently opened M65 extension - to trap speeders.

And unexpected letters have been landing on door mats after the high-speed drivers have been caught out by the equipment.

The portable equipment is being used at strategic spots on motorways across the region.

The device, known as LASTECH, records the speed, time and date, registration number and location of the offence.

It has been in operation for six months and police say hundreds of speeding motorists have been caught on camera.

Inspector Peter Stas, the head of the Lancashire police motorway unit based at Charnock Richard, is delighted with the results.

He said: "If people break the speed limits on Lancashire's motorways they should expect to caught and prosecuted.

"A prosecution means fines and penalty points on driving licences which in the long run could mean a ban and higher insurance costs."

He added: "People who speed on motorways not only put their own lives at risk but endanger other motorists.

"Because of the high speeds accidents on motorways tend to be much worse than on normal roads."

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