KETTLE and pot immediately spring to mind on reading the first paragraph of Councillor George Slynn's remarks (Letter, April 14).

Surely, he is not suggesting that he has never knocked the opposition, or put the best gloss on some unpopular council policy?

But, wait, did George write this? Look again at the first paragraph - this is very well written - a hard-hitting, attention-grabbing start to what turns out to be a rather bland blurb of Hyndburn Council's all-round perfection.

Could this be a 'tailor-made' insert supplied from Millbank Tower for just such occasions?

I ask, because on reading earlier similar communications attributed to George there seems to be some inconsistency of style. With his home address given, I must assume the letter is all his own work - if council officers were involved then I would have thought the council's address would have been more appropriate.

But, no, I tell myself. I always understood council officers are supposed to be non-political and I presume, would not be involved in political letter-writing to the local press.

So, are my suspicions on target or wide of the mark?

I think we should be told.

J P DUCKWORTH, Bostons, Great Harwood.

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