MONDAY is a big day for the Father of Bury Council David Davies (pictured). The Labour stalwart, who has clocked up almost 40 years as a local councillor, celebrates his 90th birthday.

Coun Davies first took on the then Conservative domain of Unsworth in 1957. He lost, but refused to give up, and in the early 1960s, he won a by-election in Redvales ward - and has never looked back.

He said: "I've lived quite a different life from many people, but it's been a good life. Things can be done if you've got the will to do it."

The eldest of five sisters and one brother, Coun Davies was born in Llangynog in Wales in 1908. A widower, he has two sons.

Coun Davies, who has twice been mayor of Bury, plans to spend his birthday relaxing at home in Manchester Road surrounded by friends and family.

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