A HUMAN chain of baby love will stretch through Leigh on Saturday, April 25.

Members of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children will take part in a silent vigil to draw attention to the five million unborn babies that have been killed since abortion was decriminalised in this country 30 years ago.

Leigh will form part of the chain that is expected to stretch from the House of Commons and link up over 70 major cities nationwide.

The Leigh link will meet on Spinning Jenny Way opposite the outdoor market from 11am onwards.

Branch secretary, Mary T Lavelle, said: "If you are concerned about the devaluation of human life in a society that encourages abortion and promotes euthanasia then please come and stand in silence with us for any period of time you can manage between 11am and 1pm.

Further information from Laurence Hawkins on Leigh 675368 or Mary on 745512.

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