TEENAGER Paul Tyney was thrown 200ft when he collided with a car as he attempted to cross the M66.

Eighteen-year-old Paul, who was running a late-night errand for a friend on September 28 last year, took a short cut across the motorway to reach the Shell Service Station in Rochdale Road, Bury.

After climbing a safety barrier, Mr Tyney ran into the carriageway, misjudging the speed of an approaching Vauxhall Corsa.

Mr Gary Sykes, who was driving the Corsa, saw and hit the "dark figure" in a split second, unable to take any action to avoid the collision.

The unemployed panel beater's body was thrown 200ft down the motorway, coming to rest on a grass verge. He died instantly.

An inquest in Bury heard on Tuesday how Mr Tyney, of Renshaw Drive, Bury, had agreed to go to the late-night garage at Heap Bridge to buy cigarettes and chocolate for a friend.

Corsa driver Mr Sykes (26) of Cheetham Hill, told the inquest he saw a dark figure run from the side of the motorway.

He heard his passenger, Mr David Pollard, shout and slam his hand on the dashboard.

"There was a loud bang and I hit the figure," he added. "The windscreen smashed and showered us both with glass."

Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Mr Barrie Williams said the former St Gabriel's RC High School pupil could have taken a different route to complete his errand.

He added: "At the time Mr Tyney crossed the motorway he expected there to be little or no traffic.

"In fact, there was one car which he must have seen, and maybe he misjudged its speed.

"His misjudgement would be compounded by the fact that he had been drinking."

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