NEEDY Tyldesley organisations will bag funds from a community charity scheme operated by a new store opening in town next week.

Somerfield, whose doors open on April 28, are launching a public awareness appeal about the fund and calling to prospective customers to get their thinking caps on.

From day one customers will be able to place nominations for their favourite local charity to benefit.

The Somerfield Community Charity is a non-profit making organisation with the objective of raising money to back local community-based good causes. All net proceeds from the sale of their community charity scratchcards and instore promotions and fund raising activities is donated, an 80-20 per cent split between local and national charities.

A store spokesperson said: "It is time for local residents to start thinking so that come the opening day nominations for the Tyldesley Somerfield Community Charity will come flooding in."

Leaflets are to be delivered door to door containing detailed information about the scheme.

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