Butting in with Nanny-Goat answer THE oddly-nicknamed Nanny-Goat Park, in the Fingerpost area of St Helens, has nothing to do with bleats, butts and bearded animals.

Well, not according to reader K. Rooney who has family links with that recreation ground of a million childhood memories.

He's responded to a query from Marie Glover of Haydock (this page, April 2) who has always been intrigued by that nickname since it was her playground paradise half-a-century ago.

And now, K.Rooney tells us: "The name Nanny-Goat Park links back to my great-great grandmother, Alexandra Gruff.

"She was the daughter of the man who founded the park, Albert Gruff. He was given the nickname of Billy, referring to his surname's link to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff!"

Albert dedicated the park to Alexandra who used to own a dwelling there which was referred to, during her older years, as Nanny-Goat's House.

"Only since she died and left the house - long since demolished - has the reference been to Nanny-Goat Park, rather than Nanny-Goat's House."

K.R. discovered all these 'ifs and butts' quite recently while researching the family tree.

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