TORY Parish Councillor Tony Brown has continued the war of words regarding nursery provision in Rainford.

Last week Council Leader, Mike Doyle, said that cash had been provided for Rainford for a nursery and road improvement scheme at Springfield.

But at a meeting at Rainford Village Hall, Councillor Brown, said: "The Labour Party has either got a poor memory, or a convenient one. In my last budget speech as leader of the council's Conservative group, I proposed switching money allocated to an area of St Helens to fund a nursery in Rainford. This was shouted down by the Labour Party who said residents could afford to fund their own nursery provision."

He continued: "With the elections looming it appears the Labour Party is anxious to stress the money Rainford has had spent on it. The Council Leader, Mike Doyle, stated in last week's Star that finance had been made available for improvements in the Springfield area of the village. In the mid 1970s the Conservatives enlisted the help of the then MP, Robert Kilroy-Silk, to press for action on this estate - all to no avail. Twenty years later the work Councillor Doyle is now talking about is a mere £4,000 of remedial work."

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