Re: Your Craig Home story (Citizen: 16 April). Firstly you printed I was not available for comment. The reason being I was out when you phoned (solving problems for my electorate). However, the accusation from Cllr Geoff Knight that there was collusion between the Labour Party and the Conservatives is simply not true. Is Cllr Knight not aware that Parks Ward is my ward and that it is also part of the county council area covered by Cllr Albert Thornton and that, as such, we would be fully aware of all the rumours which, in any case, had been magnified beyond all belief. Even to the extent that planning permission was supposed to be being processed for two bungalows in the grounds for the wardens! Long before any petitions, we had put the wheels in motion to get the facts from the fountain head. Cllr Thornton was able to speak personally to the director of Social Services and he passed the information on to me as ward councillor. On Thursday of last week written confirmation was sent to us and I immediately took steps to allay concerns of the Bare residents, also giving credit to the county councillor (whatever his party).

I don't think I shall be condemned by residents for doing work I was put in council to do and I did not at any time use the Conservative candidate's name or take it as an opportunity to canvass votes for him. Unlike Cllr Knight, my only concern was for residents. Perhaps if Cllr Knight concentrated on his own ward he would not have time for mischief-making in other wards!

Cllr Jean Race,

St Christopher's Way,


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