MYSTERY "explosions'' shattered the night's peace in the Coal Clough area of Burnley.

Residents came out on to the streets after the loud bangs were heard, first in Every Street and half an hour later in Coal Clough Lane, a couple of hundred yards away.

The first blast was heard in Every Street at about 12.30am.

Leading Firefighter Alan Ashworth said: "One of the residents showed us the manhole where he had heard the explosion and seen smoke.

"Half an hour later we got further reports of a second loud bang at the bottom end of Coal Clough Lane.''

Firefighters carried out extensive investigations but could find no substances in the drains which could have caused the explosions.

Mr Ashworth said: "We have put it down to someone throwing fireworks into the drains. They certainly woke up people in the area and caused us problems we could do without.''

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