A WRESTLING champ has thrown down the gauntlet to have-a-go heavyweights: "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"

The 22-stone oriental wrestler Mighty Chang is offering £500 to anyone - women included - who can wind him by punching him in the stomach.

He will invite audience members to make a fist of it for charity when he takes to the stage in a wrestling extravaganza in Clitheroe.

The wrestler, dubbed the Oriental Assassin, has said the only person to have come anywhere near putting him on the deck was a woman.

The challenge will be part of a live wrestling bout at Clitheroe Civic Hall on May 9 at 7.45pm.

Also featured will be high-flying wrestler the Lightning Kid and 20-stone British and European wrestling champion Klondike Kate.

Promoter Ian McGregor said Mighty Chang had wrestled all over the world, but "hadn't met his match yet".

He said: "Mighty Chang has heard that Ribble Valley women are tough and wants to know if there is a female in the area fit enough to bowl him over.

"If they think they have what it takes, then they are invited to turn up on the night and have a go!"

"He issues the £500 challenge wherever he goes, but nobody has succeeded yet. The nearest he came to being winded was by a female audience member who caught him unawares," he said.

Six members of the Clitheroe audience will be asked to throw a punch at the wrestling champ's tummy before the bout begins and £500 donated to the charity of their choice if they succeed in winding him.

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