A FILM about a murdered East Lancashire boy whose death changed thinking on organ transplants and whose story moved a Hollywood actress to tears is being premiered today.

Nicholas' Gift, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Bates, charts the story of tragic Nicholas Green who was shot by bandits while holidaying in Italy with his parents Reg and Maggie.

It is to be shown on American TV today and across Europe later this year.

Organs from the youngster gave seven Italian people a new lease of life - and revolutionised the idea of transplants which had until then been taboo in the country.

Alan Bates plays Accrington-born Reg Green, a journalist who now lives with his American wife in California. Reg, who worked for the Lancashire Evening Telegraph's predecessor, the Northern Daily Telegraph, said: "When Maggie and I said we would donate the organs of our seven-year-old son, Nicholas, who had been shot by car bandits in Italy, we could not have begun to imagine the ramifications. His death and that decision seems to have lit a spark in the hearts of millions of people.

"In Italy, where the number of people willing to become donors has gone up three or four hundred per cent, it is being called 'The Nicholas Effect'."

Nicholas, seven, was sleeping on the back seat of his family's hire car when he was shot in the head.

Doctors tried for two days to save his life.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays 36-year-old Mrs Green, is said to have been "moved to tears" by the story.

She has urged people to consider organ donation.

She said: "Making Nicholas' Gift has been a privilege in my life."

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