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GARBAGE are set to surf to the top of the charts with the blessing of former Beach Boy the late Brian Wilson.

In fact, the troubled legend liked the song they sent him so much, he asked to keep the tape for himself.

Garbage's sultry singer Shirley Manson stole three words from The Beach Boys 1964 classic Don't Worry Baby for inclusion in their new single Push It, which is released on Monday.

Guitarist, keyboard player and bass man Duke Erikson told Pulse: "He loved it."

Duke added: "Shirley was messing around in the studio with a sample from Don't Worry Baby and it worked really well, despite Push It being a dark piece of music.

"She sent a tape to Brian Wilson to ask his permission and his reply was 'Don't Worry Baby, I'm honoured'."

In fact, he liked the tape so much that he asked to keep it.

The Beach Boys sample is replaced by Shirley's singing for the single, which has already earned a place on Radio One's playlist.

It is just one of the tracks from the new album Version 2.0, which will be released on May 11.

It was recorded over the course of a year when the band locked themselves away at Smart Studios in Wisconsin.

"If we didn't have to, we probably would never stop," Duke said.

"It's like a painting. You can put on as many layers as you want and keep changing it.

"Then people keep reminding us that we have to put a record out.

"Sooner or later we have to let other people hear it."

The album features a wide range of diverse styles, including a track which sees Garbage accompanied by a cellist and violinist. "That was great fun," said Duke.

"It was sort of fun to work with real musicians.

"As opposed to us."

Hardcore for the 'oldies'

OLDER fans of happy hardcore music can look forward to Meltdown at Tony's Empress Ballroom, Blackburn, on May 23.

Meltdown is the "big brother" of the Zoom nights at West End Youth and Community Centre, Blackburn.

Organiser and host Ronnie Brown said: "The Zoom nights have gone so well that I wanted to do something for the over 18s. Loads of people have pestered me to put something on for them."

And Ronnie, boss of the Ministry Of Vinyl record shop, plans to do things in style.

He said: "I have booked the biggest name in the country, DJ Vibes. He is really well-known as one of the best in the field."

Zoom nights were created after Ronnie's teenage daughter said that there was nothing for younger people to do in the evenings.

It has gone from strength to strength and even recently attracted the attentions of student film-makers from Accrington and Rossendale College.

Student Martin Crabtree, who also writes for Pulse, shadowed Ronnie and other DJs and also took some footage at the Zoom night. Anyone wanting more information should contact the Ministry of Vinyl.

Bootlegs are the real thing

THE country's best-loved Beatles impersonators are set to come together for a show at King George's, Blackburn.

The Bootleg Beatles will be calling in at King George's Hall on May 5 as part of a UK tour to celebrate of 18 years as the first and best tribute band. A spokesman said: "With their original instruments, authentic costumes and the backing of an 11-piece orchestra, the Bootleg Beatles' attention to detail and musical expertise ensure an immaculate recreation of both sights and sounds of the greatest band the world has ever known.

"The diversity of the Bootleg Beatles' following is reflected in their schedule for the rest of 1998.

"From the Fleadh to the Festival Hall, the appeal of the Bootleg Beatles is as wide as their repertoire which includes songs never actually performed live by the Fab Four."

For more ticket details, ring King George's Hall on 01254 678678 ext 204.

Attention grabbers hoping their record company can do same

PURESSENCE could teach Coca Cola a thing or two about promotion. They were the band that famously filled half of the North West with posters bearing their name.

But according to their bass man Kevin Matthews, seeing their name up in lights had its drawbacks.

"It had its good points and its bad points," said Kevin, on the eve of the release of their second album with Island records.

"It got us known and certainly brought us to the attention of the record industry.

"But then we had something to live up to."

They more than accomplished it with their eponymous debut album, released to critical acclaim in April '96. It featured James Mudriczki's angelic voice over a background of brilliant, moody and moving music.

Unfortunately, the acclaim wasn't backed up by Island Records, who displayed less gumption than the Manchester-based band when it came to promotion.

The company has promised much more with the second album, Only Forever, which is out later this year.

The first single from it (see reviews) is out on May 4.

Kevin added: "I have sat down and talked to them about it and they seem as though that are going to give us a bigger push this time."

Let's hope they're right.

The band deserve it.

Charity night

A NIGHT of top class entertainment will take place at Blakey's Bar in Blackburn on Thursday - and it's all in aid of charity.

The East Lancashire SuperScan Appeal Variety Night has been organised by second year leisure management students at Blackburn college. The line up includes vocalist and compere Alan T Stewart, singer Susan O'Hara, acoustic band Blowjangles and top cabaret act Damson.

Also on the bill are Ebony Clock and the Blues Brothers Experience.

Tickets, priced £3.50, are still available by ringing the King George's Hall ticket office on 01254 582582.

That's all, folks!

AFTER almost three years on the Pulse desk, I'm off to pastures new.

During that time I have had the honour to work with some top people and I've enjoyed every minute . . . almost!

It's impossible to keep everybody happy all of the time but I have tried to be a loyal servant and will certainly miss some of the characters I have met in East Lancashire.

Thanks to you all and goodbye.


PS: Paul Barry is taking over, so feel free to call him with your music news on 01254 678678, ext 204, or write to Pulse, Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Newspaper House, High Street, Blackburn, BB1 1HT.

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