FURBY fever broke out across Burnley today after people queued for more than eight hours to get their hands on the toys.

Bus driver Dave Tomlinson, of Rosegrove, was first in line outside the Early Learning Centre, St James Street, at 12.30am today.

He was joined at 4.30am by 12-year-old Wesley McDevitt and Ian Walker, 18, both of Harle Syke, and both eager to buy one of the latest delivery of 50 toys.

By 8am about 40 dripping wet people were outside the shop in the pouring rain and by opening time at 9am it had swelled to more than 50.

Mr Tomlinson, 29, said: "I suppose some people will think I am mad for sitting out here in the cold and wet for all this time. I brought a cushion to sit on and a hot drink in a flask.

"The police kept walking past and took some convincing that I was just waiting to buy a toy. "I have been trying to get one for my six-year-old son Kyle for the last three weeks or so, but without success. I have kept asking and when I knew they were having a delivery here today I was determined not to miss out.

"Kyle really wants one and now it will be a special Christmas present for him. At £30, batteries not included, it is a lot to spend but all toys are expensive and if it makes him happy it is well worth it.''

Wesley said: "I want one for my brother Joel who is six. As soon as I am served I will be going to school.''

Ian was also buying a Furby for his brother, Declan, also six.

Shop manager Sandra Fradd said: "It is amazing people would queue for so long in such conditions.

"We have been getting requests for the toys for the past three months with people calling in and ringing up. We have even been verbally abused because we didn't have any in stock.''

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