PLEASE, don't close our wonderful school. At Crosshill special school in Blackburn, everyone cares for each other and get on so well together.

All the children are equal, safe, secure and feel needed.

They need this loving family atmosphere to give them confidence for when they leave school.

Most of the children were in a shell when they first started at Crosshill, but they have all come out of it. In a mainstream school, they would go back into their shells and may never have confidence again.

As a welfare assistant at the school, I find even seniors will run up to me and give me a big smile and a hug. They feel wanted and make me feel wanted. They are really special children to me. It breaks my heart to think how these children would cope without Crosshill.

Don't break all our hearts. Please, help keep Crosshill's primary department open.

C DODDS (Mrs), Tarbert Crescent, Blackburn.

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