LAST year saw new housing springing up at Mill Hill, Blackburn, on the site of Malvern Mill on Brothers Street.

I understand the need for housing, but as a local historian, I was saddened that this local landmark was flattened in the process. But what I don't understand is why the people behind this development claim that Brothers Street is in Cherry Tree.

All Mill Hill people know that Cherry Tree is situated over the canal bridge just past QS Fashions on Green Lane, and that, like Mill Hill, it started off as a village.

So, why the mix up? Are we to believe that people from Mill Hill and Green Lane are in fact from Cherry Tree?

I don't think so - Mill Hill and Cherry Tree are separate 'villages', with the area of Green Lane in between.

So, if anything, these new houses have two areas to choose from as their address, but given their location, Cherry Tree isn't one of them.

K WALMSLEY, Shorrock Lane, Mill Hill, Blackburn.

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