I READ with great interest Stephen Cummings' article (LET, January 26) in which he mentioned the magnificent Jimmy McIlroy. As one privileged to be a personal friend of his, I agree with everything he wrote about him.

I was one of the thousands of Burnley fans who watched him perform both for club and country. I have in my possession many of his mementoes from years gone by.

As Stephen stated, not much footage exists of the great man, but I have a 27-minute black and white video made by Granada TV about Stanley Matthews - which shows two minutes of the McIlroy Magic.

Jimmy split open the defence and gave Matthews the opportunity to score the winning goal which gave Stoke City promotion to the First Division.

Please keep on writing about Jimmy - over here, he is a legend.

KEN GOLDIE, Sackville Street, Brierfield.

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